Oh Gay Cupid!

Autostraddle’s OkCupid collection. We get plenty questions on Formspring with regards to online dating, so we ultimately had gotten a number of folks collectively to speak about it.

While OkCupid isn’t really really the only online dating site for queers, and maybe is not even the most useful, it can seem to be one we utilize most frequently. We are going to end up being talking about everything OkC, such as meeting pals, first dates, users, fuck-ups, letdowns and a lot more. Even though it’s the ‘OkCupid Series,’ counsel given in this collection can potentially be used to your online dating site.

Oh Gay Cupid! illustrations by
Rory Midhani


Twenty-One Symptoms The OK Cupid Date Isn’t Heading Really

(As Taken From My Life)

Why does this shit constantly occur to me?

1. “Oh my personal Jesus, do you want to look at staph infection back at my crotch?”

2. She isn’t distressed the United states woman Doll Samantha has been retired.

3. You satisfy her mommy and sibling in the 1st two hours.

4. [during sex] “Wow… two women between the sheets… it’s simply a lot of men’s room fantasies.”

5. A bird poops on the head.

6. “I prefer AfterEllen.”

7. “So… are you purchasing this or what?”

8. You have to phone Rachel to pick you upwards because your date don’t let you leave.

9. “Oh goodness I hope you are not a movie theater person.”

10. “My Personal time earlier today mentioned…”

11. she is simply returned from a month-long european holiday that she proceeded with one ex and stayed with another ex.

12. “Aren’t we just a little old for Harry Potter?”

13. “i believe the union doesn’t necessarily need to be extremely intimate. It can be a deeply passionate commitment with the head.”

14. You both gaze in silence on selection for over twenty minutes.

15. “It Isn’t Really that I Really Like this lady much better than you…”

16. “I don’t usually tell men and women I’m gay because Really don’t want them to believe i am a feminist” [eye roll].

17. She open’s the woman wallet to cover the balance as there are however an image of her and her ex collectively involved.

18. They decline a trip residence during a snowstorm.

19. “I really don’t actually study, you know?”

20. [Post-kiss] “Sorry i recently cannot feel everything.”

21. “Don’t worry, if for example the rectum actually ever prolapses I’ll pop it in for you personally.”

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